We are able to support the existing doctors and newbie physicians, by giving them the assistance when writing their CV/Resume to present for their interview to the client for a physician’s position.

You can contact me through email r31941z@gmail.com or by sending me a Tweet @r31941z. Your CV or Resume may contain up to two pages of information. I will send you the most important facts that your credentials will need to emphasize. After receiving your information, I will format your CV/Resume on nicely printed 8×11 quality paper. You will also receive an extra copy. Once you contact me I will be able to email you regarding my prices for creating your CV/Resume. I am in no competition with none of the Recruiting companies which advertise on the Internet through their company, that enhances CVs and Resumes

Necessary information for Assembling your CV / Resume for just a starter would be:

  • Full Name
  • Full Address
  • Date of Birth  (DOB)
  • Phone #s (Cell, Home, Office, Fax)
  • State Medical Licenses (Active, Inactive)
  • Board Certified (BC); Board Eligible (BE)
  • States you are Actively Licensed
  • Are you a Citizen
  • Will you need any type of Visa Sponsorship (J1, H-1b, 0-1, Green Card)

For those of you who need information how to reach or where to go for your J1, Hb1, Green Card email me and I will give you the information.

Contact:  r31941z@gmail.com