My name is Rebecca and I am with The Web Site I represent assists existing physicians and the newbie doctor preparing themselves for their transition from the many years of going to schools/universities as well as providing their volunteering in medicine to prove that they are ready and capable of taking care of patients.

This is where I come into the picture, I am here to assist the doctors who are preparing themselves to move on in their medical career by professionally assembling their CV/Resume to submit to their connections in interviewing their new position and goals.

I work with a relevant format conducive to have all the qualified information on the CV, which you will require since the hiring team will want to read and interview based on all your competent credentials of your title “Doctor”.

You will be able to view samples of how the required CV/Resume should appear.

You will have choices of what kind of paper you can choose from. It will be up to you to send me all the information required to be submitted for a medical position, and a position relocation.

You will be able to have a one full page CV/Resume and any additional page to extend your personal profile will be for a nominal fee.

We are able to charge low functional fees, not like some of the recruiting companies redoing your CVs for prices starting $150.00 and up.

My fees for redoing your CV/Resume credentials are $50.00 to $125.00.

The process to follow will be to implement your information and once it’s completed you will be billed for the services. Once I receive payment, then your CV/Resume will be sent to you along with a copy. You will receive an original and one copy of your credentials.

You may contact me at the email listed below, include a draft of your background along with or an old CV you have. I will require the following items listed below to assemble your data.

  • Preferred Job, Perm or Locum?
  • Male, Female
  • Full Name, First and Last and Middle,
  • Are you an MD or DO?
  • Phone #, Cell/Office/Home
  • Physical Address
  • Geographic locations you would consider employment in order of preference and why?
  • When are you available to start a new position?
  • How much time does your current employer require before leaving?
  • State Medical Licenses; currently active with what State(s)?
  • Are you Board Certified?
  • Board Eligible with an anticipated date of Certification?
  • Which States are you Actively LICENSED?
  • Type of practice situation desired:  Ex: Facility / Out-Patient?
  • Why leaving current practice?
  • Any Malpractice or Disciplinary issues?  If so, please explain in detail below?
  • How many patients do you see in a day?
  • How many patients are you comfortable seeing?
  • Are there any family stipulations for you taking a job?
  • For ex: spouse/partner also needs employment?
  • How far are you willing to Commute?
  • Any Salary Requirements?
  • If you have, What is your Malpractice History?
  • How many claims? / Can you give more details?
  • What were the patient outcome and the payout?
  • Any issues with LIC / DEA / HOSPITAL privileges?
  • Are you a U.S. CITIZEN
  • Will you need VISA SPONSORSHIP, (J1, H-1b, 0-1), H1b visa, Green Card